Sad Little Story Of a Traveller

In this heavy summer of heat and sweat, everybody is looking for miracle these days!
The Garmi(Hotness) has shooting the range to such an Sky limit that, people do little experiments on some not working fans In Mumbai Local! One dude tried Flipping On and Off the Switch, hoping it Could Start! Gave it a Little Bit Of dhakka Mukki and
He asked, sitting by people for a small size Pen that can Invade the little steel cage bordering the fan and after getting A particular size,  gave little push or little Rotational Motion to one of the wings to induce the  Motion of Fan! But it didn’t work, then another dude, with musky beard, Intraorally Going mustache, totally tall, tried his hand, gave it a push, everyone was paused for a second looking for a miracle, after his two three attempt, fan didn’t start! Obviously! Sadly sometimes the Experiments Don’t work Fading the hope of Many Belieber!
#GarmiBahutPadRahiHain #HugeBitOfSweat