My Biece! Another one into Mumbai Local!

I have been traveling in Mumbai Local Train for a long time, the experiences and feelings i have gathered is quite happier and enigmatic ones, sometimes frustated too only if entangled into haystack!

And yes It’s the best mode of transport in the race to city’s destiny! Either for Richie Rich or for Poor Robinhoods! No matter what the cast and creed or race, they will sit beside you, if the spot is open for closer!
Sometimes i have to travel up in the morning Rush and Evenings rush, i have seen group of travelling buddies getting acquainted themselves transforming into group travelling daily on same spots and crack-a-lacking jokes (एक दूसरे की खिल्ली उड़ाना) with that they turn it into comedy show and entertain people, and people around them smile viciously and fall into memories and some join into the charade!
Next up is, when we stand up in full crowded compacted train we try to hold on to them handles for stability and support even if someone is holding it, next one is gonna find little empty space will try to hold it, again no matter if you’re black white orange or brown or An IT engineer or some hoshot Jai Hind Student, Brahmin or Dalit,It won’t matter.
Travelling daily will to teach you some daily etiquettes like in trains if train is crowded and next station is major like Dadar or Kurla and some of them wanna drop off and if you’re engulfed into their destiny then the rule says two prior stations you should move inside and in case if you didn’t then you definitely have to get out with the pack! Or else you will be caught in crossfires and will be labeled names and abusings pretty common in common language! That’s pretty obvious, you can’t expect happy endings.
Next etiquette is whoever stands first between the seating rows will be the first one to sit on the opening spots. If you break that rule some aggressive person will comprehend and remind you the rule! And we do need people like these aggressives!
Next up is most common it’s society based and natural, if an old lady or a lady itself is standing, then someone will have a soft spots in their heart and leave their comfort and cozy seat for honor or may be they feel someone will do this honorable act to their mother or sisters! Senior citizens too get such services!
Then there is another kind of people,
Like i always find company of the people  like young couples travelling side to the door and enacting little Romeo and Juliet or Otherwise Titanic they’re the ones who cause most trouble. In general coach and at the time of rush, do they don’t have little brain? What are they going to accomplish? And yet they act like Brangelina little over to moon. They only makes people around uncomfy cozying up their space! In the time of rush i specifically recommend A “No Go”!
Now next one If you’re waving flags standing on the door of local, there’s some one at home waiting for you!
And lastly the rains, they bring people together! Nowadays the windows can’t be closed by single person two or three person near window seat will join hands to tackle the unbearable calamity and put all their 70 pounds! And the same goes to people on the doors, they stand together or get inside together! Sometimes door won’t close, they jam up in group and apply all kind of torque! I have never seen heroes and bhantais going quite opposite!
Regarding the fights in locals, in my experience it only start if you intentionally and जानबूझ कर push the people, then Bhais and bhantais will rise up! Nothing canbe done to save your sorry ass, except you all can get away with the lies that you got pushed from back. 
In total, i have encountered four kinds of people,
One who is on their mobile grinning in their own heads or sometimes lurking out the window listening to sad music realising the fast moving movie of their life.
Second kind are those kind who are newspaper weirdo, despite the rush they manage to read the newspaper by folding it four times,and their ecstasy to read.
Third kind are those kind of people who keeps staring at the other people or their seat in the hope of jumping in.
Fourth ones are most awesome and most dangerous people coz they sleep deadly with their mouth wide open they tend to be so sleepy, they will sleep next to your shoulders thinking you’re their girlfriend! They have no idea what the heck goin on with the world, they will just sleep through entire storm, Typhoon, Tsunami… But there is some kind of mechanism in their brain that they will always wake up before their Reaching station!
Nobody bothers nobody, if they do, the entire journey is enough to become good friend!
In my entire travelling career nobody complained that if it’s the Muslim, they won’t sit besides them or the Muslims saying the vice versa!(which happens in airlines) Despite the differences i have been seeing in the Internet for quite a long time. Mumbaitees don’t have time for enduring in such bullshits!
This is what Mumbai is and my fellow Travellers and Friends for making everything smooth!
There’s many things to be said cause the story or length of this article can’t end being enormous and many much more!Such is another story of FellowMumbaiLocalTraveller!